Week Without Walls 2012-2013


The CAC high school curriculum is dynamic by nature both in its scope and in the depth of its offerings. And while we are justifiably proud of our curricular offerings, perhaps the aspect that gives our curriculum the most significance is what we teach beyond the classroom walls. It is through programs such as CAC’s Week Without Walls: Classrooms of the World where students learn to partake in service and become engaged in experiential learning, which is one of the essential components in the development of the “whole child” and one of the major building blocks in helping each student reach his or her personal potential.
To learn through hands-on projects and to work as members of a group to achieve major goals enhances the learning experience. And when students can internalize learning, they begin to develop lifelong learning skills. Moreover, when they have the opportunity to serve others, it touches their hearts and minds in ways that can’t be measured through tests and exams. It is that human touch that students learn in programs such as Week Without Walls that defines them and guides them toward future ideals and decisions that will impact their world in ways that we may never be able to quite describe in words.