Community Outreach


As part of CAC's community outreach, two recent school events have been dedicated to helping the twin boys, Ahmed and Mohamed Ibrahim Gad, who were born in 2001, joined at the head. The "Grass Volleyball Memorial Tournament" in October, 2005, and the "Night On Broadway" faculty show in Jan. 2006, together earned over LE 35,000, dedicated towards the ongoing medical and therapy needs of Ahmed and Mohamed. Happily, the boys, age 4, have a bright future ahead of them, with proper medical supervision. We at CAC hope our contributions ease the lives of these brave twins and their family.

Ahmed, Mohamed, and their mother, visited the CAC campus on Monday, Feb. 27th, to accept the donations raised by our community. Pictures of their joyful visit can be seen below. Thanks to you in the CAC community, we were able to help this worthy cause in our own neighborhood. Enjoy the photos!