Sustainabilty in CAC Development




CAC Green Initiative 2008                                  

  • Installed new purification system for pool water to nearly eliminate the use of chlorine in the water.
  • Used reverse osmosis water filters and water bottle filler dispensers to greatly reduce the use of disposable water bottles & plastics.
  • Initiated school wide recycling campaign of printer cartridges.
  • Shredded & recycled years of old business office records.
  • Collected & recycled on a daily basis paper, plastic bottles, & aluminum cans.
  • Set CAC standards for AC temperature and lighting use hours.
  • Established standards for chemicals used on campus & in cleaning.

Campus Development Sustainability Focus                                         

  • Using quality construction with highly insulated walls and roof to reduce energy consumption.
  • Installing a lighting control system in light fixtures to efficiently regulate electricity.
  • Conserving municipal water by using existing water well for irrigation.
  • Designing buildings using passive environmental techniques and orientation to prevailing winds, sun screening, and day lighting.
  • Installing trickle irrigation system for plant material.
  • Planning classrooms with special attention to acoustics.
  • Installing a campus wide water filtration system dispenses high quality drinking water.
  • Ventilating classroom spaces to bring in filtered, tempered outside air.
  • Insulating and weather stripping windows & doors to keep cool air inside and the dusty air outside.
  • AC units are central with energy control system & energy efficient multiple speed cooling towers.
  • Installing light color roofs to reflect solar gain.
  • Covering outside play spaces for UV protection.
  • Landscaping areas with native, low water need plant materials.
  • Specifying a high percentage of recycled ingredients in materials.
  • Reducing energy costs by not air conditioning corridors and stairways but positioning them for open air and prevailing breezes.
  • Recycling materials and equipment from decommissioned buildings.