Solar Car Race Results


Saturday, March 18th, 2006 marked the day of Cairo American Collegeís 60th birthday; it also was a day for the appreciation and awareness for eco related topics. One of these events was the solar car race that was organized by the High School Green Team and the Science Department. The solar power car race was highly anticipated, with promotional posters littering the campus.

Luckily, the day of the race was hot and sunny. Everyone was really excited to see the race kick off. Bleachers were set up besides the track, and lanes were established. Each car zoomed down the track, with a driver and their partner closely following with their remotes. Everyone cheered as the cars crossed the finish line, however some unlucky participants never made it there. One car was nudged a bit too vigorously and broke, another exceptionally fast car was disqualified for having five solar panels (the limit was three).

There were many opportunities to win trophies and goods provided by the generous sponsor BP, although all participants received prizes. Hassan Tatanaki, Caitlin Miller and Rachel Beecroft, driving car number ten, received the highest sportsmanship. The best design award was given to car number seven, a sporty little white hotrod decorated with black flames, driven by Alex McCarthy and Miles Derkson. The fastest car, with an amazingly speedy time of 7.83 seconds, was bestowed upon car number nine, built by the skilled Mohamed Aboughabal and Kisan Hong.

When interviewed, Kisan Hong admitted that his team won mostly by luck; the drivers were not given much time to practice with the remotes. He deemed the race and building of the cars a good way to learn about solar energy, electricity, motion and engines, as well as a fun time!
Without our wonderfully helpful sponsors, BP solar and BP Egypt, there would be no fantastic prizes, surely excellent motivation for participants. Five large solar panels were also given to CAC by the BP folks, whose eco-friendly application is yet to be determined. Mr. Tappe, Jim Canavan, and Cabby Tennis served as judges, determining the winners. Mr. Tennis played also the role of the MC who kept the crowd chuckling. The high school Green Team, under the direction of Mrs. Myra Khattab, assisted in promotion and organization. Thank you to all the participants, and the science classes for building the cars!

The event really raised awareness of just how effective, practical, and exciting solar power can be.