A new addition to CAC’s already flourishingly green campus was added April 27th, 2006: an olive tree. Members of the green team and some supportive members of the CAC student body planted the olive tree in the garden next to the track and tennis courts. Excited kindergarten students, already fostering a passion for preserving the delicate balance of nature, eagerly watched the process, accompanied by Mrs. Greely, Mr. Panta, Mrs. Luguri and Mr. Neff. CAC’s gardeners, who tilled the soil beforehand, lent their shovels and hoes for the occasion. HS Green team members pulled the plant ever so gently from its pot, and placed it in a hole they dug themselves, patting the dirt firmly around the trunk of the with the shovels. I personally took off my shoes and packed the dirt with my bear feet, as I love the natural feel of soil. The sensation of contributing to the beautiful gardens of CAC and Mother Nature was fantastic! After being watered for the first time, the sapling is already growing, albeit slowly, into a big tree, ready to providing shade for generations of CAC students to come!

The tree was purchased by green team funds, acquired by selling various items with the “care about community” logo that has become so familiar with all of us as a sign of caring for our local environment. Not only will the tree be aesthetically pleasing, as well as serve as a carbon sink to make our atmosphere healthier, but it will also serve as a sign of peace. The olive tree has long signified freedom from war, and will provide hope in our turbulent region which is in such desperate need for harmony and tolerance.

Heather Henfrey
HS Green Team member