CAC Master Plan


Master Plan Details Aug 2012

Master Plan Drawings

A Master Plan for CAC campus development has been unanimously adopted by the CAC Board of Directors. At its November 2006 meeting the Board accepted the campus vision planned by Hillier Associates. This is the completion of a planning effort that began last school year and has involved faculty, staff, students, and parents.

The multiple year improvement project will include construction of new elementary and middle schools; a major renovation of the high school; and, additions to the performing arts and athletics areas. The following images include floor plans, and perspectives.

The Master Plan and drawings of the new Elementary School are on display in the Board Room on the top floor of the Administration Building and in the reference section of the Library.

Master Plan Drawings


Phase 1 Development


The first phase of the realization of the CAC Master Plan is construction of a new elementary school.  This will include an elementary library; an auditorium to seat 700; and commons spaces to be shared all grade levels.   The design has been developed by Hillier Architects with recognition of regional materials and themes.   Galleries open to prevailing winds; sun screening on windows; and, sun protected play areas are some of the environmental design elements. 

Phase 1 Drawings