Student-Led Conferences



Student Led Conferences Final Preparation

On Tuesday, April 19, the Middle School will conduct Student Led Conferences. Parents will soon receive their appointment time from their child's grade level Advisory teachers. If you have not please contact your child's Counselors before the event. Below are some guidelines and tips to help you prepare for the conferences.

  • Student Led conferences are a time to celebrate the learning that each student has achieved and taken part in this year. It is a time to let your child shine as they take you through a portfolio of their work in their core classes. They will share work samples and personal reflections on what they have learned and how their learning can continue to improve. Let your child be in charge, ask clarifying questions, focus on the work and the students growth and not on the grade. Give them positive feedback on how well they have prepared for this and what they have shown you.
  • Please remember that this is a student led conference and not a teacher parent conference. If you wish to meet with a teacher concerning your child’s academic progress in a course, please contact the teacher via e-mail or phone and the teachers will be more than happy to set up an appointment with you. However, the student led conference is not the time to do this. Teachers will be in the conference rooms and they are there to assist students and parents to make their experience a positive and productive one.
  • As you complete your conference with your student, we ask that you then visit your child’s exploration classes. The teachers will be in their rooms and student work will be on display or available to look at.
  • As you leave the conference area we would very much appreciate if you would take a few moments to complete a feedback survey on this event. Your comments are helpful to us in planning future conferences of this style. There will also be a brief questionnaire asking you about your status for next year - whether you are returning or may be leaving CAC. This information will help us in forecasting and determining our enrollment levels for next year.
  • Most of all enjoy the event and the time spent with your child.
  • We look forward to seeing every parent on this afternoon.   



In April 2006, the Middle School conducted its first ever Student-Led Conferences. Based on a 98% parent turnout and an overwhelming number of positive comments from students, teachers and parents we will be utilizing this approach once again this year. Last year we placed a significant amount of general information on this web site for parents and we feel that it remains relevant this year.

Groups of approximately 4-5 students will have a scheduled time slot and location with their Advisory teacher for their conference.  Every effort will be made to accommodate parents with two or more middle school students. After parents have had the opportunity to go through the core subjects and related student reflections, the students will escort their parents to their exploratory classes where they will focus specifically on the work in these courses.

Success of student-led conferences demands active anticipation from students, parents and teachers. It creates a purposeful way for young adolescents to talk with adults about their learning and offers parents a direct and active role in their child’s school life.

We look forward to seeing you all at our middle school student-led conferences on Tuesday, April 19th, 2011.