Arabic after school program


Modern Standard Arabic after school program for Grade 6 students


The after school language program (currently open to Elementary School students) will be extended to include grade 6 students (native speakers).

This will enable these students to continue learning Arabic at a level that is not offered/available to Grade 6 students in the regular school schedule.

However, once in grade 7 and/or 8, all students will have access to all levels beyond Arabic B. It is understood that parents will pay the cost of $650 for the year 2006-2007 if they choose this option.

The registration for this program will take place after May 20, 2006. Ms. Ashnadelle Mortagy, program coordinator, will notify parents of those current Grade 5 students recommended for higher level Arabic and all pertinent information will be sent home. The program will run if we have enough students to open a section.

We look forward to working with you on this program which will give our students the opportunity to pursue their native language study under our academic auspices even though the program is offered after school.