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Class of 2011 - Letís make the most of them!

By: Amber Hassanein

So here we are, class of 2011, going through what seems to be a painfully slow first semester. The lives of the senior class have been taken over by balancing course requirements, SAT Tests, boosting GPAís, extracurricular activities, and let's not forget

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Class of 2012 - At the latter part of the middle

By: Seungah Song

At the second highest level in the high school hierarchy, there are mixed feelings among the junior class.

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Class of 2013 - Life as a Sophomore

By: Julius Bowditch

Sophomore year is quite an interesting year both academically and emotionally. We are no longer the new kids to the high school.

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Class of 2014

By: Lucy Nehring

Freshman. Bottom of the high school. Everyone hates being a freshman; itís the way of life. I guess it just depends if we are willing to make it the best year possible!

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