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Six Days Without Internet- Blessing in Disguise?

By: Pranav Jain

The first thing I did on this day was to switch on the news to find out if the protests had started. Seeing that no such news was coming, I decided to go online to chat with some friends about what was going to happen. As I mechanically switched on the Wi

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Uncertainty. Ambiguity. Imbalance.

By: Phoebe Bredin

Uncertainty. Ambiguity. Imbalance. These began when I was evacuated from Cairo to an unknown destination. I waited in an unmoving line of evacuees at Cairo airport for eight hours, as a list of possible initial destinations was tossed about: Cyprus, Istan

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By: Michelle Mockrish

Gunshots, tanks, fires. Whispers, screams, shrieks. He said. She said. Mad with solitude. Phone ringing... and ringing. Feelings of familiarity.

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Reader's Corner - Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk

By: Youssef Lemmon

Sedaris must have grown tired of his own life.

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