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Uncertainty. Ambiguity. Imbalance.

By:Phoebe Bredin



Uncertainty. Ambiguity. Imbalance. These began when I was evacuated from Cairo to an unknown destination. I waited in an unmoving line of evacuees at Cairo airport for eight hours, as a list of possible initial destinations was tossed about: Cyprus, Istanbul, Athens, Frankfurt and Bahrain. The line edged closer and closer to the terminal doors, and still we did not have plane tickets, a destination or any knowledge of what the future would be. As darkness began to fall, the crowd of thousands began to get restless.


Most Cairo evacuees they have returned home to Egypt and are now back in classes at CAC. School has resumed fully, and daily life continues, although in a cautionary mode. Senior Sara Nehring returned to Cairo more than a month ago: “I’m happy to be home and with my friends and family. But families have gotten stricter about rules and there are a lot of restrictions on what I’m allowed to do and where to go. It’s nice, but it is not the same”.


For me and my family, nothing is the same. Our return to Cairo remains on hold--uncertain, ambiguous, creating imbalance.  Families of the US Embassy and Apache Corp, among a few others, are still waiting to hear when we will be permitted to return to be reunited with our families, friends, personal possessions, even our pets!


In the meantime my family and about ten other embassy families are trying to settle down in the Oakwood Apartments in Northern Virginia. We have enrolled in schools to keep up our education and have made a few friends. Although these new friends cannot substitute those in Cairo Logan Kasper says, “There is a wide variety of kids here so this is a great opportunity to meet some interesting people”.


Even though we have been here over a month the evacuation is still emotionally draining on many of us and we are awaiting notification on our return.


See you soon CAC (Inshallah), Phoebe Bredin



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