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Kowoon Jang

By:Phoebe Bredin


CAC is packed with hidden talent ranging from Irish dance to saxophone solos to graphic design to painting. In this section of the newspaper we highlight student accomplishments and activities.

For this issue, multiple teachers recommended Kowoon Jang as the perfect candidate to showcase CAC talent. Kowoon has been creating art at CAC for 11 years and brings to her work both passion and skill. We asked a few questions to get a better picture of her artist profile.

  • Which art courses are you in?

IB HL Drawing and Painting, Advanced Ceramics

  • What type of art do you do?

Ceramics, color pencil work, Collage, pencil work, and painting.

  • Where do you get your inspiration?

In IB we are required to be 'inspired' by an artist, but I usually randomly get ideas. I guess the ideas come from all the advertisements and art works that I see in everyday life.

  • What is your favorite piece?

Favorite famous piece: I can't say I have one favorite piece because all art works have their unique style and value that makes each one special and outstanding.

Favorite piece from mine: 'Rose'

  • What are you currently working on?

I am working on a sea life cylinder in ceramics and an Arab woman in the desert painting in Drawing and Painting.

  • How long have you been doing art?

I started art in kindergarten. I was actually forced to go to an art institute after school in Korea.

  • What plans do you have in the future? In terms of art?

I plan to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and major in either graphic or industrial design. I am hoping to pursue my career as a designer, and come up with creative and influential pieces that can be admired by the whole world. I'm planning to join INJAZ this year which I hope will give me an experience of publishing a design.



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