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By:Geoff Thomas


This year CAC hosted its 32nd CACMUN conference.  Every year CAC invites a number of International Schools from across Africa and the Middle East to participate in the annual CAC Model United Nations conference. 


In Model United Nations students are required to represent UN member states in a mock simulation of the United Nations.  At the start of MUN each student is assigned to one forum within the United Nations, which includes the UN General Assembly, the UN Security Council, the UN Economic and Social Council and the International Court of Justice. Once assigned to a United Nations Forum each student is then appointed a country and has the task of representing that country in their respective forum.


The students are required to study the issues that their forum will be debating and the position their country takes on them. The issues themselves are ones which are actually addressed by the United Nations equivalent forums, the issues being addressed this year include stabilizing Somalia, Croatia's supposed genocide in the 1990s, combating international terrorism and South Sudan's attempt to succeed from Khartoum.  This allows the students to debate multiple countries’ perspectives on real world issues being dealt with by the United Nations. 


The format of CACMUN is an exceedingly formal structure based off of the official formalities used by the UN.  After CACMUN, delegates are able to travel abroad to another MUN conference held by other international schools. At such conferences they are assigned a different forum and country and are required to research different issues; however they continue to represent CAC and to practice the firm formality and complete dignity that CAC values.


MUN is a time where students can learn about the United Nations, international relations and foreign countries while at the same time brainstorming solutions to real world issues in a formal debate setting.  It allows future debaters to continually improve their speaking skills while learning about the political factors that shape the world.  CACMUN has a lot to offer and reports on the conference will be available next issue.




Number of Delegates

Delegates from CAC

General Assembly

Establishing a Nuclear Free Zone in the Middle East

Illegal Drug Trafficking

Combating International Terrorism

External Debt Stability and Development



Security Council

Stabilizing Sudan in Preparation for the 2011 Referendum

Sanctions on Iran

Stabilizing and Establishing Peace in Somalia

Stabilizing and Establishing Peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo




Combating the Practices of Torture

Preventing Large Scale Oil Spills

Supporting the Eurozone Economy

Female Empowerment in Rural Areas




Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Croatia v. Serbia)

Aerial Herbicide Spraying (Ecuador v. Colombia)



Advisory Panel

The Question of the Democratic Republic of Congo






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