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By:Roxanna Korologou-Linden


Hayley Ernyey is a senior completing her second year of the IB diploma. Aside from science, English, mathematics, and foreign language student, Hayley is an art student involved in Printmaking. Hayley is also a member of the Green team and being so interested in the protection and maintenance of the environment, her IB artwork theme is environmental sustainability. Much of her artwork depicts transportation in different countries in different areas of the world, and in a deeper tone, expresses the destruction occurring in the world which is a great impediment on the progress that could potentially take place. Her artwork is mainly derived from her imagination and from real life experiences. Through the process of creating art, she reflects on personal life experience, her travels, and her observations of the world surround her. She has an analytical way in interpreting and creating art, thinking and expanding on how things should be idealistically. Furthermore, what she finds important in the art process is the way the art piece is executed rather than the subject of the painting. Some of the techniques she uses for her artworks are linocut, inking using rollers, and printing. She likes to see and use nice colours, a good subject and idea in the artwork, and Hayley is now developing a liking for abstract representations!



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