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Mission statement:

The Eagle is a paper run by and directed towards high school students that strives to be an outlet to write about what matters to them, providing them with an opportunity to entertain, voice opinion and inform peers. We are bringing “The Eagle” back to life! The new newspaper team intends to accomplish exactly what our mission statement says. We want to make the issues a fun, interactive place for high school students to write about what matters, read about their peers, and have a publication solely dedicated to them! All comments and ideas are completely welcome; we want to hear your opinions!

-Michelle Mockrish and Phoebe Bredin

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Six Days Without Internet- Blessing in Disguise?

By: Pranav Jain

The first thing I did on this day was to switch on the news to find out if the protests had started. Seeing that no such news was coming, I decided to go online to chat with some friends about what was going to happen. As I mechanically switched on the Wi

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Uncertainty. Ambiguity. Imbalance.

By: Phoebe Bredin

Uncertainty. Ambiguity. Imbalance. These began when I was evacuated from Cairo to an unknown destination. I waited in an unmoving line of evacuees at Cairo airport for eight hours, as a list of possible initial destinations was tossed about: Cyprus, Istan

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By: Michelle Mockrish

Gunshots, tanks, fires. Whispers, screams, shrieks. He said. She said. Mad with solitude. Phone ringing... and ringing. Feelings of familiarity.

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Reader's Corner - Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk

By: Youssef Lemmon

Sedaris must have grown tired of his own life.

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