High School



CAT Team Members 2011-12


12th Grade Rep 
Stephanie Butter

11th Grade Rep
Elli Hadjievangelou

10th Grade Rep 
Flavia Makram Edeid

9th Grade Rep
Chris Giallongo

At Large
Natalie Usher

PTO Liaison
Saro Mathilagan

Maya Williamson

Wayne Bramlett

Dennis Tucci

Joelle Basnight

Michael Schuetze




February Meeting:



  • Briefing from HS principal
    o New teachers
    o New structure of CAT
  • Week Without Walls
  • Avenues of Communication (See “New structure of CAT” above.)
  • Discussion of contributions from CAT members and their constituents


Action Items:

  • WWW thoughts to be shared with WWW Committees
  • Recruitment of volunteers of International Festival to be strengthened
  • Security personnel to be on Prom buses
  • Discussion of “Plan B” for graduation (in case of political unrest) to continue
  • Seating at graduation to be better distributed