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Welcome To Cairo American College Pre K & Elementary School

Cairo American College has been known for its innovative international educational excellence in Egypt for over sixty years. Under a dedicated faculty and staff, students gain multiple benefits from the school's dynamic curriculum, close-knit community, and interactions with a vibrant local culture.

Nurturing Environment
Our learning environment promotes independence and resourcefulness, combined with tolerance, understanding, and respect for self and others. Faculty members share the responsibility for the care of each student, in order to ensure every child is supported, the underlying principle being that "happy students learn." Given our mission, location, and diverse student body, Cairo American College fosters a global perspective in all students, challenges them and believes in their ability to inquire, imagine, think and solve problems.

Where Friendships Flourish and Personalities Develop
Every parent wants their child to become a happy, confident learner. In our school community, we work in close partnership with our parents to give every student the care and attention they need to develop self-esteem and confidence - the building blocks for school success.

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a program we use at CAC to help all our students achieve social, academic and positive behavior traits. When positive behavior and positive teaching come together, our students excel in their learning. Our students live the three B’s each day as they focus on Be respectful, BE responsible and Be safe.

Our weekly class assemblies provide an opportunity for all students to present a curriculum or community focus in front of their peers, it is also a time to recognize excellence in all areas of school life. Our assemblies create a united elementary community.

Learning at Cairo American College takes place in an environment of student-centered tasks. Every stage of the process is important, and student needs are sensitively met. The curriculum is designed to respond to different learning styles and requirements, as reflected by the student's gender, age, and interests.
Our curriculum has been designed to provide outstanding educational opportunities that will help every student to reach their potential. The key to success is providing the right learning environment staffed by caring teachers who love to teach and nurture each child’s special talents.

We treat Literacy and Numeracy as high priority learning areas, knowing that the skills and concepts developed during classroom programs underpin learning across the curriculum. Our student service team includes; English Language Learning teachers, Student Support, Speech and language pathologist and counsellors. The team works in partnership with class teachers and parents to ensure school success for students in supporting and extending learning.
To keep our young students active and buzzing, we also offer a range of specialist programs -Art, Physical Education and Swimming, Music, Library, integrated Technology across the curriculum, Arabic and Egypt

Culture in Grades 1 to Year 5.
Our Egypt Culture program provides an important opportunity for students to develop a cultural appreciation of Egypt to enhance their knowledge through hands-on experiences at school and on field trips in Cairo. These trips are a signature feature of the elementary school as these learning experiences becomes a life time memory for our students.

Our service learning program is introduced from a young age. Our goal is to nurture in our students the natural response to want to contribute to their communities, local, global and immediate, and to develop a life-long commitment to community service.

Students have opportunities to contribute to, and participate in, a variety of community service learning projects.

Students in grades 4 & 5 are encouraged to participate in school life through our democratically elected student council. Our student council represents the preK - 5 students, they are service learning focused and they volunteer their time for others.

Care for the whole child inspires CAC to offer a variety of activities that appeal to a child’s sense of adventure, fun, competition, learning and exploration. Students enjoy a wide variety of co-curricular activities which means there is something for everyone. Offerings in our After School Activities (ASA) program vary from year to year, depending on student interest and availability of instructors.

Cairo American College's core curriculum follows "understanding by design" principles which focus on teaching and learning for deep understanding. (For more on the understanding by design curriculum, please see Appendix 1.)

Cairo American College education is about much more than academic programs or subject offerings. What makes us special is our community and culture of respect, understanding of diversity, focus on active learning, trust, communication, commitment to language learning in English and our world language is Arabic. We develop in every student an awareness of, and appreciation for, all cultures.

Three broad school-wide learning outcomes (SLOs) are at the center of our daily work: at Cairo American College students learn to be communicators, thinkers, caretakers and caregivers. Cairo American College’s community of parents, students, and teachers work in close partnership to make sure each student receives the care and attention he or she needs to develop the self-esteem and confidence fundamental to academic success and personal satisfaction.

Where Friendships Flourish and Personalities Develop
Every parent wants their child to become a happy, confident learner. In our caring school community, we work in close partnership with our parents to give every student the care and attention they need to develop self-esteem and confidence - the building blocks for school success.

When any challenging issues arise, our counsellors are there to work with students to help them manage the situation and ensure their wellbeing. We also provide a team of experienced Learning Support staff to help students with their individual learning needs, whether it be for a little in class support or extension.

Our weekly assemblies gives each class an opportunity to share there learning. Students present to the elementary school community in a supportive environment and it is also a time for us to celebrate excellence, achievements and stories. Talon our school mascot also supports the assemblies by celebrating learning and our three B’s - Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe. The assemblies are a great chance for parents to join our school community and to see their child perform.

I look forward to you visiting our school campus.

Julie Jackson -Jin
Elementary Principal
Cairo American College


Appendix 1
Understanding by Design
“Understanding by design” is a curriculum framework that draws upon the following principles:
1) It is the deeper understandings underlying a subject discipline that are important for students to absorb and master, understandings they will carry with them beyond the classroom setting and that will have application to a life of learning.