The library program promotes both a life-long love of reading and a curriculum of skills for the 21st century learner.  In a world awash in information, we strive to teach our patrons the ability to find and use information and ideas effectively.

To serve the school community, the CAC Library has a collection of over 60,000 books and A/V items, along with a wealth of online resources.




Library Hours

Library Memberships

Borrowing from the Library

Library Staff

Library Hours




Elementary Library Middle/High School Library

School hours/Community hours School hours/Community hours
Sunday  - Wednesday 7:45 – 3:05 / 3:05 – 4:30 7:30 – 3:05 / 3:05 – 5:00
Thursday 7:45 – 3:05 / 3:05 – 4:00 7:30 – 3:05 / 3:05 – 4:00
Friday Closed Closed
Saturday 10:00 – 2:00 10:00 – 2:00


The Library is closed on Fridays and on official School Holidays. Please refer to the CAC calendar on the web page for details.



Open :

  • August 25
  • September 1 , 8 , 15 , 22 , 29
  • October 13 , 20
  • November 3 , 10 ,
  • December 1 , 8 , 15
  • January 12 , 19 ,
  • February 2 , 9 , 23
  • March 2 , 9 , 16 , 23
  • April 13 , 20 ,
  • May 11 , 18 , 25
  • June 1, 8


Closed :

  • October 6 , 27
  • November 17 , 24
  • December 22 , 29
  • January 5 , 26
  • February 16
  • March 30
  • April 6, 27
  • May 4



Library Memberships


Free, individual, non-transferable memberships are offered to members of the CAC community who hold valid CAC photo ID cards and have library privileges. Non-affiliate cards are also available. Copies of information sheets relating to ID cards and their use are available from the Circulation Desk and ID office.

To join the CAC Library as a community member, bring your CAC ID to the Circulation Desk and complete a membership form so that we can have your contact details in our system. A user-ID and password, which you can change, will be issued soon afterwards so you can use our system. 

We would also greatly appreciate it if you would make the time to notify the Circulation Desk in person or by phone (2755-5543), if your contact information changes.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Borrowing from the CAC Library


All patrons need valid CAC ID cards to borrow materials. Elementary students, however, do not need their cards when they come for their Library periods each week.

At the Circulation Desk all patrons may reserve items that are presently checked out.

Elementary Students in Grades K-5
     Limits.      10 items for two weeks.

Students in Grades 6 - 12
     Limits.      25 items for two weeks. 

Other Patrons
     Limits.      10 items for two weeks.

-Books may be renewed but each item must be brought into the library to do so.
-Elementary Videos and DVDs may not be reserved or renewed.
-Magazines may not be renewed.

-Most library materials circulate.
-Reference materials are to be used in the library.

Limited photocopying of library materials is free for students and faculty. Others may copy for 50 piasters per page. Please note that CAC is a copyright-compliant institution.

Library Holds
Students may place a hold on items that are presently on loan to another patron by logging into his/ her account, navigating to the item record and selecting "place hold" on the page.  When the item is returned, a notice will be sent to the student and his/her English teacher via email. These materials will be held at the circulation desk for one week.  Students with overdue items may have materials held for them until the end of the next school day.                        

Overdue Materials
Students with overdue items may not check out additional material.  Weekly overdue notices are sent to students, their English teachers and their parents through email.  Any student receiving an overdue notice for an item he/she has already turned in should report the error to the circulation desk.

Damaged Materials
Patrons are expected to pay for the replacement of those materials that are damaged while checked out to them. Please take the time to look over the items you check out and let us know if you notice any damage prior to taking items out of the library.

Charges for Lost Items
To pay for a lost item, patrons can request a form from the Circulation Desk or print it here .  Three copies must be filled out: one for the patron, one for the cashier, and one for the library circulation desk.   All payments need to be made at the Cashier's office in the Administration Building, fourth floor. Patrons need to keep their receipt as no refunds are given without the receipt.



Hardcover books

Replacement price, or $20.00 if list price is unknown
+ $5 processing fee

Reference books

Replacement price or $30.00
+ $5 processing fee

Paperback books

Replacement price or $10.00
+ $5 processing fee

BK/SND sets (book & sound)

Replacement price or $15.00
+ $15 processing fee

Audio books (AB or EAB)

Replacement price or $30.00
+ $5 processing fee

Video tapes & DVDs

VC, VCD or EDVD = cataloged price or $20.00
EVC = cataloged price or $15.00
+ $5 processing fee


Cover/replacement Price
No processing fee


Replacement of Materials
We will accept an exact or better replacement copy of any lost item so long as it is accepted within eight weeks of the overdue date in our circulation system .

If you find the lost item after it has been paid for, please return it to the library, with your payment receipt, to be reimbursed.  Items returned within eight weeks of payment will receive 100% reimbursement.  After eight weeks, or if the item has been re-ordered, no refund will be offered.

Once the school year ends, accounts will close and no refunds will be given.

The withdrawal process
Students may be withdrawn from the library at any time up until the last day they attend school. A library clearance is part of the withdrawal process. Once cleared, the student is then deleted from our system. Please check prior to the student’s final day to be sure his/her record is clear.



Library Staff


Library Personnel

  • Ann Coster, Elementary Librarian
  • Beau Cain, Head Librarian
  • Charlene (Charlie) Ishino, Middle School Librarian


Teaching Assistants

  • Heba Nour, Pre-K - 2
  • Sophie Sewailem, Grades 3-5


Library Assistants

  • Wafaa Atta 
  • Nadia Hassan
  • Mai Mustafa
  • Enas Thabet
  • Mervat Thabet


Part Time Library Assistants

  • Safaa Agha
  • Lena Rezk


Library Clerks

  • Ibrahim Abdulla Ibrahim