CAC Strategic Plan


Cairo American College Strategic Plan


Strategy 1: Learning and Teaching
To provide thoughtful and inspiring curriculum and instruction

  • Maintain a systematic curricular program review cycle that supports best practices, cross-curricular learning, and vertical program alignment.
  • Monitor progress of the academic student performance objectives for Accreditation for Growth (AFG).
  • Provide professional development opportunities aligned with the curricular review cycle, annual professional appraisal goals, and school improvement initiatives.



Strategy 2:  Technology and Information Literacy To seamlessly integrate technology and information literacy into all areas of learning

  • Utilize appropriate and current technology to support 21st century skills for students.
  • Expand professional development and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) programs for faculty and staff. 



Strategy 3:  Service, Citizenship, and Sustainability
To instill in students an ethic of service and responsible citizenship, empowering them to make positive contributions to their community and to a sustainable future for the earth.

  • Monitor progress on the student performance objective related to sustainability for Accreditation for Growth (AFG).
  • Promote Green Team Priorities.
  • Communicate the annual Calendar of Events related to Service Learning and Community Service activities at CAC
  • Enhance student participation on decision-making committees.



Strategy 4:  Finance
To provide the financial support essential to achieving the CAC Mission.

  • Implement effective fiscal discipline into yearly and multi-year plans.
  • Study the feasibility of increasing the sources of revenue for CAC.



Strategy 5: Facilities
To provide the physical facilities essential to achieving the CAC Mission.

  • Develop a short-term plan to maintain and improve current facilities making them conducive to enhancing the learning environment.
  • Develop a long-term plan that anticipates 5 years of facilities maintenance and improvement.



June 2010