CAC Board of Trustees




MAHA ELSHINNAWY (Board Chair) joined the Board in June 2007 as the AUC representative.   Dr. ElShinnawy is a Professor of Management in the School of Business, Economics, and Communication at the American University in Cairo.   She and her husband Ahmed have three children, one in Elementary School, one in Middle School, and a CAC alumnus class of 2008.

Susan Thomas (Treasurer - Finance Committee Chair) joined the Board in June 2011 as a Community Representative for the two-year term 2011-2013.   Before moving to Egypt in 2008, she had served as a School Board Treasurer in South Africa, and had been a member of Curriculum Committees, Superintendent Search Committees and Accreditation Committees at several international schools in Africa and the Middle East.   Throughout this period she has held PTO leadership positions and has actively participated in and organized various PTO events.   Additionally, prior to starting her expatriate life, Susan received an MBA from the University of Chicago, which lead to an 18-year career in international finance with Citibank and the First National Bank of Chicago.   Over a ten-year period in Sub-Saharan Africa, Susan ran various village and community development initiatives, including raising money to build rural schools, sponsoring vocational training and contributing village-level infrastructure.   She and her husband Bill have three children one in High School and two CAC alumnus, class of 2009 and 2012, attending university in the US.


ALBERT FITTS   (Board Secretary) is a Board appointee for the one-year term 2012-2013.  Mr. Fitts is a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force and works at the Office of Military Cooperation at the U.S. Embassy.  He has served in various military leadership positions around the world to include assignments in Germany, Thailand and the U.S.  He and his wife Nina have two children attending CAC High School.


Bobbi Villella joined the Board in July 2012 as a Community Representative for the two-year term 2012-2014.  Bobbi has coached youth soccer in both the United States and Egypt.  She was elected to serve on the American Employee Cooperative Wellness Association, where she served three years, two of those being the board chair.  Other volunteer activities have included: troop leader in the Girl Scouts of America, activities assistant in the Boys and Girls Clubs, as well as United States Department Veteran's Affairs; Drug Abuse Resistance Education programs, including National Night Out and National Car Seat Safety Awareness Initiative.  She has also volunteered her time with the Traumatic Brain Injury Association of Colorado, the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Camp and working with at-risk youth through Youth Odyssey and Denver Parks and Recreation.  Bobbi and her husband Brian have two children attending CAC Elementary School.


Captain Frederick J. Landro joined the Board in July 2012 as the representative of the US Naval Medical Research Unit - 3 (NAMRU-3).  Dr. Landro is the Executive Officer of NAMRU-3 and is board certified in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine.  He and his wife Maria have nine children.  Their youngest three children live with them in Maadi and attend CAC, one in Middle School and two in High School.


Jeff Wedgwood joined the Board in July 2012 as the Bp representative.  Mr. Wedgwood is Subsurface Development Manager at BP's Pharaonic Petroleum Joint Venture Company and has been in Cairo since March 2011.  Prior to arriving in Cairo, Jeff has held a wide variety of leadership and technical roles during his 17 years with Bp, and worked most recently in Houston.  He is a Petroleum Engineer and during an oil industry career that spans more than 30 years has worked in Houston, Denver, Bakersfield, Calgary, Aberdeen, Anchorage, Moscow and Kuwait City.   Jeff and his wife Carmel have three children, one attending CAC High School, and two other children attending university in the US.


John beed joined the Board in July 2012 as the U.S. Embassy's representative.  Mr. Beed is the Deputy Mission Director of the U.S. Agency for International Development in Egypt.   This is his second assignment to Cairo, having served here in 1992-1994.   Before returning to Egypt in August 2011, Mr. Beed served in Japan as the U.S. Embassy's Counselor for International Development and in other Foreign Service postings in Russia, Mexico, Namibia, and Paraguay.  Before joining USAID in 1991, Mr. Beed was a congressional staff member for U.S. Representative Frank Wolf.   John holds a B.A. in Political Science from Tulane University and an M.A. in Russian and East European Studies from Florida State University.  John and his wife Christine have three children attending CAC, one in Elementary School and two in High School.


Mark Avery is the Administration and Human Resources Manager for Apache Egypt Companies. He and his wife Cindy, have two children: Wyatt who is 5 years old and will be attending the CAC in the Spring of 2012 and Rayne who is 15 months.

Nora Jarrah joined the Board in July 2012 as a Community Representative for the two-year term 2012-2014.   Nora is a graduate of an international school in Syria and has been actively involved in higher education for many years.   A licensed history teacher, she taught undergraduate government classes at Harvard University, where she served as a Teaching Fellow and Resident Tutor and earned a Master's in Middle Eastern Studies.   Nora and her husband Mohamad Al-Ississ have two children, one attending CAC Elementary School.