CAC Accreditation


What is accreditation?

The activity now known as accreditation is traceable to the guild orientation of the medieval academic communities. The word “accreditation” is derived from Middle French, old Italian usage. The first meaning of its root term is “trustworthiness.” Accreditation responds to the public’s demands for improved quality and greater accountability for institutions serving society’s needs. Accredited institutions can be trusted by the public to be what they claim they are and to do what they claim to do. Whatever an accredited institution says about itself has both the sanction and confidence of the profession. Cairo American College was first accredited by Middle States Association (MSA) on December 18, 1980. 

What is Accreditation for Growth (AFG)?

Accreditation for Growth is process through which the school maintains accreditation through the Middle States Association of College and Schools. AFG is about creating a vision of a preferred future and then putting the systems in place to realize those dreams. Accreditation for Growth rests on the concepts of self-regulation and quality improvement. The school identifies strengths and areas for potential growth and develops action plans that will ensure improved student performance in selected objectives.

Who is involved?

The AFG process requires participation from all groups within the school community. Students, parents, teachers, staff, board members, administrators, and other individuals are involved.

During the 2007-2008 academic year, a visiting team of five educators validated the Accreditation for Growth process at Cairo American College till May 1, 2015.