High School Online Program of Studies


Dear Students and Parents,

It is a pleasure to present to you the Program of Studies for 2013-14. This program contains information to assist you in planning a high school program that meets your individual needs and goals. Please be aware that the listing of a course description does not guarantee that the course will be offered in the 2013-14 schedule. Courses will be scheduled on the basis of student interest, sufficient enrollment, and the most effective use of instructors’ time.

Whether or not a student plans to attend college or engage in other post secondary educational opportunities, high school is the time to explore new disciplines and experiences. This is the time when many students begin to develop talents or interests and learn new skills that they will continue to use and develop for the rest of their lives. Please take advantage of the varied and diverse offerings and programs available at CAC.


Each student’s course selections will be reviewed and approved by parents and, counselors. For AP and IB courses, the AP/IB Coordinator will also help to ensure those selected are appropriate and meet both personal and program criteria. Careful initial selection of courses by students and parents is very important; it is extremely difficult to change or rearrange individual programs after the master schedule is set. We encourage all of our students to select a balanced program of core and elective courses. While the minimum core graduation requirements as listed in the Program of Studies must be met over the four years in high school, students have many opportunities to choose from an extensive elective program in the areas of Computers, English, Visual Arts, World Languages, Mathematics, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies.
If you have any questions regarding your course selections, please be sure to see your counselor.

Joelle Basnight
High School Principal