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The 2010 Pharaonic Games (Kids' Day) was a great success! We started the day with a parade of all the classes with their banners and this year, the parade was led by Mr Marriott and Ms Carrel in their tricyle wagon chariot. Everyone loved seeing Ms Carrel wave her pompoms from the wagon while Mr Marriott worked hard to pedal her around the track.

The weather was cooperative and it was a beautiful day to get wet at Bail the Felucca, Pillars of Karnak, Pharaoh's Phood and Spray the Scribes. Every student had a great time at Climb the Pyramids and we really have to thank Mr Bowie (MS PE teacher) and Ms Tatiana for designing and building the course with the help of several High School students at 5.30 am. Once again the obstacle course was one of the favourites of the day.

We had lots of "Tomb Raiders" in Gr 3 - 5 trying to steal treasure out of each others' tombs, and poor PreK - gr 2 had to "Clean Out the Tomb" from all the junk that accumulated there. The palace guards in Gr 3-5 had a hard time protecting "Cleopatra's Stinky Flippers" and thieves of all ages were stealing trasure from the "Pharoah's Treasure Room." All of those were definitely less work than "Pulling the Pyramid Stones" and "Moving the Pyramid Stones" and required less dress sense than "Dress the Queen." Future Queens and Pharoahs got to practice eluding impostors in "Changing Dynasties" and they all got to play "Games of the Gods" just like it was played in ancient times. Pre-K to gr 2 practiced the very useful skill of getting dressed in oversized clothes and running around, and it took lots of teamwork sometimes to get some bodies into their clothes. And last of all, PreK - gr 2 took to the streets for their "Chariot Races." Watch out for those speedsters on the roads in a few years - they were burning up the track!

 This year, for the first time, we welcomed approximately 150 students from the African Hope School who joined us for this very special day. They were accompanied by the 24 CAC HS students who were their teachers and chaperones for the past week during Week Without Walls. These students were so grateful for the opportunity to participate in something like our Kids' Day, as it is not anything that they would ever do in their lifetime.

Everyone had a fantastic time and the smiles on students' faces and the laughter that filled the air made all the hours of preparation well worth it. The parents who volunteered to help, contributed in no small measure to the success of the day, and without them we would not have been able to even have Kids' Day. We would like to say a very big, heartfelt "thank you" to each and every one of them for giving of their time to help. The PTO filled hungry tummies at what has become a PTO Kids' Day tradition - Pizza Lunch. Thank you PTO for your support and generosity.


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