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Welcome to CAC Elementary Physical Education where fitness and fun are embedded in every activity we do!


Our philosophy in the PE department is to give each child every opportunity to explore new skills, build upon previously learned skills and improve their general fitness. We believe that every child benefits from physical activity and exposure to a variety of games, sports and activities lays a foundation for lifetime activity as adults. Students are encouraged to be risk-takers, problem solvers, collaborative workers, and self-directed, positive learners. In all of this, we also believe that fun and enjoyment are essential to learning.


All Elementary students have PE classes twice each week during which movement, rhythm, skill building, fitness and games are explored, developed and improved. There are 2 full-time PE teachers who teach Grade 1 through 5 PE and Swimming, and 1 part-time teacher who teaches PreK and KG classes.


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Ingrid Ferguson, Ronna Zigmand, Lamyaa Wanky
CAC Elementary PE Team



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