Class of 2000 Reunion

The CAC class of 2000 celebrated its 10 year reunion Wednesday, September 22, 2010. This reunion was for all members of the CAC class of 2000 those that graduated and those that were a part of this exceptional class.


We started with an introduction to all the new and exciting developments at CAC and we were guided to see the new Elementary School building. We were then hosted by the Superintendent Dr. Rob Mockrish and the Director of Development and Alumni Relations Susi El Badrawy for Dinner and Cocktails at the Superintendent's villa.


Dear Dr. & Mrs. Mockrish,
On behalf of Class 2000, I would like to thank you for hosting us for dinner at your beautiful place with such a lovely setting. We appreciate all efforts exerted; it was far beyond our expectations. We're truly very grateful knowing that CAC will always remain as Family.

Dear Mrs. Mockrish,
Your compliments & ultimate sweetness are never to be forgotten. Being as pregnant as I am, your nice words marked me in every way. Thank you for your outstanding hospitality.

Dear Mrs. El Badrawy & Ms. Torky,
Thank you for the amazing organization: the tour and the bus ride must have took us all back to our elementary days in just a glimpse.
Kindly keep me posted with any updates regarding our CAC.
My contact details:
Name: Amal Kotb Soliman

Dear Mrs Susi,

I would like to thank you very much for organizing the CAC 2000 class alumni reunion. It was very touching to go back to school and see the change that has happened since 10 years! The Tour brought back so many memories of our "good old CAC days". Over dinner we had great conversations and laughed over old pictures and stories, which really felt amazing after such a long time. Thank You for making this possible and hope we could actually take part in more upcoming alumni events.
Here are my contacts so they could be updated on the alumni list:
Name:Farida El Alfy

Dear suzy el badrawy,
I would like to take the chance to thankyou for the efforts in making this reunion work. I really enjoyed it being introduced to you and Dr. Mocorich and his wife. Going to school ten years later felt like I was just there yesterday. To me its a place that will always feel like home. Looking forward for other reunions:) my contacts are
yara shilbaya
Street 18 no 44 maadi, cairo egypt.
Currently I am living in alexandria so if you are ever coming it would be my pleasure to meet up with you.
Regards yara shilbaya

Dear Susie,

This is Ahmed El-Gharabli, one of the alumni who attended the reunion last week. I am also the wrestling coach at CAC, just in case you are having trouble putting a face. I just wanted to take this chance to thank you personally, in general for your effort for the alumni program and getting it revived and in particular for organzing the event last week. I really had a great time and it was great to see old school friends and some members of the faculty and sit and talk with them. And I am already looking forward to the next event or gathering. These gatherings also make the alumni feel appreciated and welcomed at the school which is a great feeling and I am sure the group will be bigger next time as word will get around about how nice it was.

I want to also leave you my contact information for the alumni database:

Ahmed El-Gharabli












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