Travel Practices

It is the practice of Cairo American College that all students traveling on school sponsored trips will travel to and from the trip destination with the group. Any exception to this practice must have the approval of the division principal. Students traveling on school-sponsored trips must have their tickets booked with the group. Requests for students’ tickets to be booked independently by parents in order to take advantage of free tickets, frequent flyer schemes, courtesy discounts, etc.., will not be accepted.

Exceptions to these practices may be granted in the following case if, in the opinion of the principal, the coach/advisor of the activity, the activities/athletics directors, and the parents, the best interests of the students will be served:

1. Unforeseeable immigration problems encountered at the Cairo airport at the time of departure, in this case, and if the student is unable to leave with the group, the following procedures will be followed:

a) One of the sponsors will call a school official and the student’s parents to alert them to the problem.
b) The sponsors will arrange for transportation of the student from the airport to CAC either by taxi, by parental pick-up, or by school van.
c) When the student returns to CAC, the activities/athletic director will gather the facts of the situation and consult with the principal and parents to see whether or not it is in the student’s and school’s best interest to work out a plan for the student to join the group independently. If a plan is approved, parents will sign a waiver.

2. Parental request for a student leave the group at the end of an activity and proceed to another destination at the close of a school-sponsored trip.

3. If a parent requests that a student be allowed to proceed to another destination, the following conditions must be met:

a) The trip sponsors must be consulted and approve of the plan.
b) The activities/athletic directors will prepare a waiver including the planned itinerary, the mode of travel, the time and specific place CAC’s responsibility ends, and the identity and relationship of anyone meeting the student. This waiver must be signed by the parent.
c) The departure for the second activity may not begin before the scheduled close of the first activity.
d) The request may not involve the missing of school days past those originally scheduled for the trip.
e) Any expenses arising from this departure and the travel arrangements will be borne by the parents. The financial arrangement must not jeopardize the group’s rate.

In all cases, the principal will make the final decision. These exceptions are not meant to include such reasons as illness, failure to obtain a visa or other documents in a timely manner, late arrival at the airport, etc.