Student Government

Student government is an integral part of CAC student life. From the planning of school social activities to consultation with CAC administration, student government is actively involved in the life of our school. Student Government is essential to student involvement in procedural matters.

Student Rights:
The School Board believes that students have rights that should be recognized and respected.
The Board also believes that every right carries with it certain responsibilities, and expects that students should be mature enough to assume them.
Among these rights and responsibilities are the following:
1. The right to a quality education, and the responsibility to put forth a sincere effort to learn.
2. The right to equal educational opportunity and freedom from discrimination, and the responsibility not to discriminate against others;
3. The right to expect qualified teachers, and the responsibility to attend school regularly and to observe school rules essential for allowing others to learn at school;
4. The right to procedural due process and an appeal process in disciplinary matters, and the responsibility to respect the processes and exercise of those rights;
5. The right to free inquiry and self-expression, and the responsibility to observe limitation of those rights necessary to the greater good of our school society;
6. The right to privacy and access to personal school records, and the responsibility to respect the privacy of others.
7. The right to study and live in an environment of mutual trust and the responsibility to honor that trust.

High School Student Council
The Council is composed of student body officers, the vice-president of each class, and representatives from each class. Officers are elected at large by and from the student body, and representatives are elected by each class. The Council meets on a regular basis and has the responsibility of providing cross-class leadership at CAC. It advises the administration on matters affecting student life, acts as a forum for student issues and sponsors special activities for students.

Sponsors: Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Basnight
Where: Choir Room
When: Every Monday at lunch time
Who: Student Council officers, student council representatives and class vice presidents

Student Council Leadership Retreat
The Retreat is a one day mandatory training session for all council members. The goals of the training are to:

a) build community within the Council;
b) train Council members in leadership skills and techniques;
c) determine assignments on standing committees and plan for the year.

The retreat will be September 8.

Class Government
In grades 9-12, each class nominates and votes for four class officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Vice-President of each class serves on the Student Council. Each class engages in activities which promote class, school, and community spirit.

Freshman class Sponsors:
Ms. Tennyson
Mrs Cuthbert

Sophomore Class Sponsors:
Mr. Basnight
Mr. Ward

Junior Class Sponsors:
Ms. Mazhar
Mr. Petra

Senior Class Sponsors:
Mrs. Tappe
Mr. Tappe